Our methodology leverages a bottom-up, data-driven approach to generating assertions about larger ideas, trends and movements.


Trend Research

PSFK Lab’s unique approach to trends research serves as the foundation for its other offerings. Our future-looking reports help brands understand what innovation looks like from the perspective of their business and industry, and identify opportunities to act on.

Open Innovation

PSFK Labs can engage its creative community and brief them to develop future-forward concepts around a specific set of objectives.

Trend Tours

Combining site visits, expert talks and workshop sessions, our Trend Tours allow key stakeholders to actively experience, explore and discuss relevant trends that can help further their business goals.

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We generate innovative and actionable recommendations in relation to products, services and communication.


Strategy Playbooks

Our Playbooks provide actionable strategies to brands looking to leverage opportunities in the marketplace to meet the future needs of their industry, business and/or consumers.

Customer Journeys & Product Concepting

PSFK Labs’ User Scenarios offer a forward-looking perspective on emerging trends and their potential impact on the consumer's journey and their wants and needs.

Innovation Workshops

Our workshop and event sessions serve to inspire and inform executives as they look to ideate around future opportunities.

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PSFK Labs helps brands engage customers and employees, through thought-leadership.


Branded Content Programs

PSFK’s Branded Content Programs position brands as thought leaders around topic areas that are important to their business and help them connect with an influencer audience.

Prototyping & Partnership Management

PSFK Labs can help corporations find the right start-ups and service providers to work with - and then can manage the process to deliver working prototypes.

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We offer ready-to-go solutions to help companies connect at speed.


PSFK Labs can leverage the influence and reach of to springboard brand messaging.


We access an expansive network of thinkers, makers, and leaders that are at the cutting edge of innovation and change.

Trend Briefing

Our team can present tailored versions of trend briefings to private corporate teams and at public events.


  • piers-fawkes

    Piers Fawkes

    Founder & CEO

    Piers is a recognized thought leader and has run the Labs division of PSFK since 2007. He has personally led innovation projects for Apple, BMW, Coca-Cola, Google, Samsung and Target.

  • scott-lachut

    Scott Lachut

    President of Research & Strategy

    Scott researches possible futures for the world’s leading brands to help them understand how their products and their customers will connect tomorrow. He works today with brands such as American Express, BMW, Intel, NBC Universal, Nike and Ritz Carlton.

  • hedy-parsia

    Hedyeh Parsia

    Partner, Director of Operations & Experience

    Hedyeh is the driving force behind the delivery of PSFK’s world-class experiences, including all client and consumer-facing events. She also oversees the company’s operations.

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+1 646.520.4672
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