Content Strategy & Editorial Planning
We develop inspiring storylines that set a brand’s content apart.
With over ten years of online publishing experience, we build thought-leading editorial programs that manifest across channels and media. With a unique methodology, PSFK Labs plans inspiring storylines that set brands' content apart. Our client list includes: Intel, Microsoft,, Philips, UNICEF, United Nations Global Pulse.
Branded Content & Sponsored Editorial
We integrate brands into stories of creativity and innovation.
By leveraging our publishing expertise at the intersection of creativity and innovation, PSFK Labs produces written editorial, video, events, social updates and other content that engages audiences as native advertising or custom publishing. Our branded content is used for community engagement, influencer targeting, thought leadership and customer acquisition. Our client list includes: Boehringer Ingelheim, Lincoln, Google, Heineken, Jawbone, Marriott, Perrier.
Native Advertising & Influencer Targeting
We leverage the influence of to share a brand’s stories.
PSFK Labs can leverage the influence and reach of daily ideas site to springboard brand messaging. We can create media programs that interact with our platform's 1.5 million monthly readers and the hundred of thousands of influential followers on our social channels. Our offering includes sponsored content, event partnerships and traditional advertising packages. Our client list includes: Bing, Jaguar LandRover, Lexus, Microsoft, Motorola.
Trends Research & Future Scenarios